Proskuneo Drums

Quality Handcrafted Drums

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A drum sits on top of a wooden barrel.

Pro-Grade Snares: Exceptional Quality, Unmatched Performance

Enhanced longevity through top-tier hardware

Better sensitivity & resonance than ply drums

Consistent tension for easier tuning & maintenance

Discover your beat: whether it’s our handpicked premade snares or the canvas of complete customization – your rhythm, your choice.

why proskuneo

Build Your Own Sound & Style


Select from our wide variety of wood types, including rare woods, to build a drum with the tone you desire.


Select from our options of hoops to build the openness and sustain your prefer.


Our selection includes an array of stains and stain patterns tailored to enhance and complement your unique aesthetic preference.


Opt for either a classic or edgy appearance by selecting from our range of chrome and black chrome hardware finishes.